TurtleCore Expansion Board

Information on the TurtleCore Overo-series Expansion Board, including the DB25 connector. {readmorelink}Read more...{/readmorelink}

Information about the DB-25 connector, also known as the iRobot Create® "cargo bay connector", and other technical documentation for the Turtlecore expansion board, can be found downloaded from pubs.gumstix.com here.

TurtleCore Power Jumper

This section is for users with board revisions R4035 and above only.

Users with board revisions R3719 or R3759 should not jumper pins 15 and 16 as it will cause permanent damage to their board.

Identifying Power Pins

For the TurtleCore to power on, pins 15 and 16 of CON1 must be jumpered together. Pins 15 and 16 can be identified using the following illustration:

Connecting via a Jumper or SPST Switch

The two pins must be connected with a jumper or an SPST switch. The following illustration shows the leads for a switch connected to the appropriate pins:

Jumpered pins will cause a board to be powered any time the iRobot Create is powered on. SPST-connected pins will allow power to the TurtleCore to be controlled independently of the iRobot Create.