Compile from Source Code

Linux Kernel

The most up-to-date kernel source for Gumstix hardware platforms is in this repository. You have two options for this:

Cloning the Entire Linux Kernel git Repository

This option will download the entire source code for the Linux kernel's mainline branch, as well as branches specific to Gumstix processors. Make sure you have git installed and type the following lines:

git clone git://
cd linux

Then, check out the branch for the kernel best suited to your hardware

PlatformKernel VersionCommand
DuoVero 3.6 git checkout omap-3.6
Overo 3.5 git checkout omap-3.5
Pepper 3.2 git checkout am335x-3.2
Verdex Pro 2.6 git checkout omap-2.6.37

Download an Archive for a Branch

This option is quicker because it does not download the entire history of the git tree. It is particularly useful when you just need the files to get up and running. To download an archive for a branch, visit one of the following URLs:

PlatformKernel VersionURL
DuoVero 3.6
Overo 3.5
Pepper 3.2
Verdex Pro 2.6

Please submit problem reports and patches via the Gumstix mailing list.

Das U-Boot

The u-boot repository is available at:

$ git clone git://

For Overo, use the omap3_overo configuration. Problem reports and patches should be submitted via the u-boot mailing list:

Support for DuoVero is under development here git:// in the upstream branch.

The upstream repository is git://

Yocto Project

Gumstix uses the Yocto Project build system. While it is certainly possible to use other methods to build the boot loaders, kernel, and root file systems, we've found Yocto Project to be an attractive solution.  Please see this page on the Yocto project for more information about the Gumstix meta layer.

Please submit problem reports and patches via the Gumstix mailing list.


X-load has been superseded by the SPL bootloader, which is built alongside U-Boot from its code base. The following information is intended for users who specifically require X-load for use with an older version of U-Boot.

The x-load git repository is available at:

$ git clone
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