EOL Notice: Samsung 4.3 Inch LCD Touch Screens

Notice Posted March 11, 2013:

LCD screen manufacturer Samsung has published an end-of-life notice for the 4.3" Samsung LCD touch screen, resold by Gumstix, Inc. (Gumstix part number DSP00043A).

Affected products are:

  • Pepper Single-Board Computer
  • Chestnut
  • Gallop43
  • Palo43

The last-time-buy for the 4.3" Samsung LCD touch screen has already taken place. Once depleted, Gumstix will not be replenishing stock of the 4.3" Samsung LCD touch screen.

Gumstix has selected Newhaven Display's 4.3" Resistive Touch TFT as a cost effective substitute. BecauseĀ LCD technology is evolving rapidly, product and software developers should plan their end product designs appropriately to accommodate potential change in LCD functions.